TD Remodeling about meHi, my name is Travis Smithers and I have been using home improvement hand tools for the better part of 40 years with all the renovations I’ve worked on throughout the years. As a contractor, I have used and worked with quite a variety of tools. I have used most brands and have the opportunity to work with many other tradespeople to see what and how they feel about their particular tools they use. When you’ve had the opportunity as I have to build houses from scratch or demo properties to renovate custom bathrooms, kitchens or the entire house, you discover very quickly which tools are up for the job or end up on the garbage pile.

My work as a contractor was one of the reasons I thought to create this site so that I could pass on the knowledge of what I have learned about the type of tools used for different jobs. Letting people know the difference between the quality of brands and when should you use the best you can get your hands on or just use a cheap tool to get the job done.

You’ll find many links to help you understand why contractors use the tools we do, so you’ll be able to make the best decision for your needs when it comes to purchasing and using tools.

So take your time and check out my site and the links to my other websites to learn whatever interests you.
If you’re into renovations, you’ll probably find the information on my websites will save you thousands.

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