Bosch Hand Tools


Through the years using home improvement hand tools, I would always reach for Bosch hand tools at one point or another to do any form of home renovations. Bosch was just one of those name brand tools that everybody seem to have on hand then and one that everybody still uses today.

Bosch Hand Tools


Bosch Tools

Bosch hand tools, like most of the other brand name tool companies, also produce lots of the great products as well. They have all the corded and cordless tools the other brands carry, but I would like to talk about some other tools that I happen to have by Bosch. A lot of the contractors use Bosch’s 12-inch Radial Arm Saw and full-size 10-inch Table saws that I do favor over Dewalts comparable units. I do like the smaller portable dewalt table saw better than what Bosch has, though. What I’m going to mention here, is about some other tools I use by Bosch.


Bosch lasers
Bosch 4 1/2-inch slim grinder
Bosch Digital Angled Miter


 Bosch lasers


Now I use a few different types of lasers that not everybody uses
and some that are more popular used by many contractors.

bosch lasers


Laser Level Square


The first laser that I’ll talk about is one that works by shooting out two beams for a 90-degree axis point across the floor that I find is great for doing flooring. Whenever you set out to measure up to square off a room, a couple of these lasers make your job a lot easier. Before the laser, tradespeople would lay out chalk lines and to this day, many still do for setting up their starting point when laying any flooring. I find using chalk lines very slow and messy. Every time you need to change which line you’re going to use, the caulk lines need to be marked or rub it out when planning where you’ll start laying the floor.

The beauty of having lasers is you simply want to give it a slight movement to show a new heading for your line. I find it a lot easier to take measurements from the walls to the laser line to set up where I’ll need to start laying the floor. Laying chalk lines requires a second person to accomplish the same thing as one person with the lasers. One of the biggest reasons I use lasers is for cementing tiles in place. When contractors use chalk lines, you must make sure you do not cover them up with your thin-set, or you’ll not know where to put your tiles correctly. When I use my lasers, I can spread the thin-set out not worrying about covering up my lines because the laser shoots right across the top of the thin-set and your tiles as you work.

Five-Point Self Leveling Alignment Laser with Cross-Line

This second laser pictured on the right side of the image above is a great laser that many contractors use in one form or another dealing with the cross-lines. These lasers will show you instantly whether or not you are plum and level with the work you are doing. This level is what I use for hanging cabinets on the wall and especially when dealing with cementing tiles to the wall. This level makes quick work of where to set your lines for placing your tiles to keep them straight for a level and plum job once you’re finished. Without this laser, it takes considerably more time to set up and get started with tiling any wall. I use my laser for setting up where the first course of tiles gets cemented to the wall so every other tile will be squared-off and level to one another.

Bosch 4 1/2-inch slim grinder


bosch hand grinder

Every tool maker that produces home improvement hand tools most likely sells, at least, one grinder or more in their tool line up. This particular grinder that Bosch has from the different ones you can choose from is great for one handed use. Whenever I use a grinder for tiling, I get rid of the handheld that screws into the head of the tool. When you use a grinder for cutting tile, I remove the handheld, install a diamond blade and operate the tool with either my right hand or left hand, not both. That’s why this grinder works great with one hand as the body is a smaller diameter around than the average grinder. It’s a lot easier to have a solid grip on this grinder than the regular ones.

Whether you have this grinder or one of their other grinders you will never go wrong with the quality and functionality of what you can expect to do with them. They operate as good or better than most. I would have to say Bosch is just as familiar to the trades as Dewalt or any other major brand when it comes to tools. It’s for this very reason I never settle for only one particular brand when some of these companies have so much to offer.


Bosch Digital Angled Miter


bosch digital miter

This tool is one that most contractors do not have in their tool arsenal. The only reason I have one is I bought it on sale to give it a try. It’s surprising how once you get your hands on some of the specialty tools; you wonder how you did without them. The Bosch Digital angled miter made figuring out all the angles around the roof, staircases a real breeze. Once you take the angle of whatever you’re dealing with you can simply read the measurement from the digital screen and dial in the angle on your saw. Works first time every time, I take it with me wherever I go just in case something on the job site may require pin-point accuracy.

If you’re looking for one of the best-priced tools on the market today,
then you should take a look at what Bosch hand tools can do for you.

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  1. I have bought different types of brands when it comes to hand tools and I found that Bosch is a very durable brand.

    Things such as grinders do not last long, but my Bosch grinder is still working fine. I prefer to pay more for better quality when it comes to tools. I am a big Bosch fan and will never buy another brand.

    • That’s one of the great things about bosch, they have a wide selection of tools that you can stick with them and they are one of the best for the money and quality to choose from. Most other contractors I work with all use bosch tools including some of mine.

  2. KidsWorldSoccerDad

    Over the years, I’ve purchased several brands of tools as I’ve needed them for various projects and found the quality to be rather poor. Several years back my father-in-law, who was always finding a home project to work on, introduced me to Bosch hand tools. Since then, I’ve been a dedicated user of Bosch saws and drills.

    Other than a handheld measure, I’ve not yet used laser equipment but I think the Bosch Laser Level Square may have a place in my next basement project.

    • Travis Smithers

      Bosch-like some of the other major name brand tools that I mention on my website are all great tools to use and buy. I would say when it comes to laser tools and equipment, the Bosch line is one of the top compared to quality and performance.

      I use a lot of different tools to work with and of all my different lasers, Bosch has a better product than any of my other tools I use including Dewalt’s laser that just recently broke down on me.

      At the time, I needed a laser for work tiling a wall and Bosch was sold out so I tried a $200.00 equivalent by Dewalt two years ago. It no longer works so even though Dewalt makes great tools for everything else I have bought from them, lasers will no longer be something I’ll purchase from them when Bosch is so much more seperior.

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