Dewalt Hand Tools


When it comes to home improvement hand tools, there are a few top brands that everybody has come to know such as the Dewalt hand tools relied upon and trusted by many. There are very few contractors that do not own dewalt tools or at least used them at times on different job sites.


Dewalt Hand Tools

Dewalt Tools


Dewalt is one name brand that everybody that knows anything about tools has heard the name or own them.  There are a lot of companies making home improvement hand tools, but Dewalt has become almost a household name among the masses. Just like some of the other high-quality gear that I talk about, you can count on the quality of these tools to be right up there in the lineup. I have used and still do just like many other contractors, many of their tools to do renovations.

Just like all the other great name brands that make a lot of the same tools as Dewalt we’ll look at some of the cordless ones just to keep mixing it up rather than talking about the same tool for each brand. We’ll leave the comparisons for the posts that I’ll be adding later.


Dewalt Cordless Hand Tools
Dewalt Batteries and Chargers
Dewalt Cordless Vacuum

Dewalt Cordless Hand Tools


Dewalt six piece tool kit


Just over ten years ago when cordless tools were starting to show that they were a serious contender for getting the job done just as well as the corded tools, I purchased a Dewalt 6 pack tool kit. These were the tools that came in my hard case at the time, Reciprocating saw, Flex Flood Light, Impact Wrench, Hammer/Drill,  and Jigsaw.

Reciprocating saw
For most this is a demolition tool that makes short work of any tear out you may come up against in most home renovations. The versatility of this tool with the quick change of a variety of blade types and lengths makes this piece of gear a must in any tool collection. The other great thing about using reciprocating saws is the blades are reversible for holding the saw to be used upside down to fit into tighter spots. By holding it this way, you will get the battery and lower part of the handle out of the way while cutting on more of a flush like taking out the 2×4 sill plate between a door jam.

Flex Flood Light
Having a flashlight always comes in handy, it’s the design of the light that can make the difference. This light can sit on its battery without rolling around like some flashlights. The head of the light will unclip from the battery base so that you can take the flexible gooseneck and hang it on something to give you light in tight or tricky locations, like up in the attic rafters. Your not always going to have another person to hold a flashlight for you so why not have one that is capable of shining the light on its own where you need it.

Impact Wrench
Comes in handy for any job requiring the use of sockets or all of the attachments you have with your socket set. Why, work harder using a ratchet when you can have this bad boy. When it comes to driving tap con screws into the concrete floor or lag bolts into your ridge board just to name a couple of uses. Most times contractors will get the impact driver so they can use regular bits for driving screws and use attachments to use sockets like the impact wrench. Either way, you’ll have an excellent tool that will come in very handy for more jobs than you even thought possible.

This drill is one I use daily to screw anything that requires holes drilled, or screws counter sunk. I even use this drill to get the pilot holes for the tap con screws in concrete. Of all the tools anyone could possible buy, this is the number one choice that anybody can use it and probably need one. All contractors have drills, and nowadays most contractors have a cordless-like this one by one name brand or another on the job site. Electricians usually only have cordless drills now, and there are quite a few of other contractors that feel the same way. Now that battery power has come such a long way, cordless tools are slowly taking over the work area.

Circular Saw
These cordless circular saws produced today have far more torque and power than they ever did in the past. The convenience these tools offer tradespeople steadily increases cordless tool sales. In the past, the only way to open up a roof for a ridge vent was to have extension cords run up to the roof to plug in a corded saw to cut out for the roofs ridge vent. Today you can simply run a cordless circular saw along the roof line to do the job, no more extension cords getting hung up or having to work around. The steeper the roof pitch the trickier and more dangerous it was to cut out the roof with corded tools.

Having the use of a cordless jigsaw gives you all the convenience of any of the other tools mentioned. Cordless tools are quick and easy to take around the job and especially when you’re working in areas of limited power that I do quite frequently. Many times I work in smaller bathrooms where you’ll need to cut out holes in the underlayment for around toilet flanges or counter top sinks for the vanities. Using the cordless jigsaw just makes sense and the job so much easier never having to watch out for a cord. Now that cordless tools have the torque and power with longer life batteries, it’s the only way for me to work with these types of tools now, the cordless way.


Dewalt Batteries and Chargers


With the use of all cordless tools, you require the batteries and the chargers to keep them going. Otherwise, they’ll be useless to you. All the different name brands that offer cordless tools will have two types of batteries. NiCad and the newer generation Lithium batteries. Nicad being the original batteries all the tools started out in the beginning not being powerful enough and had very short charge times to run the tools. That has all changed now for the better as cordless tools now perform as well as their corded cousins you might say.

dewalt batteries and chargers

Even though the NiCad batteries are now up to par for operating cordless tools, a new design for more powerful and longer lasting batteries have been introduced which are the Lithium battery line. These batteries now give the tools they power better performance for the most part compared to the Nicad. Two of the biggest pros for lithium are lighter weight and longer lasting. On the con side, NiCad batteries last longer outdoors in the cold weather and secondly when lithium batteries have no charge left, you get the surprise of one minute your tool works great the next time you squeeze the trigger there’s nothing there.

Each company that makes cordless tools also have their chargers so you can keep the batteries ready for use to run your tools. You will usually have single and double chargers of one or more designs to keep all the batteries you own topped up. What I like having just like most other contractors is a radio/charger that allows you to listen to music from the radio stations available in your area. You can also plug in another music device through the aux port to play whatever type of music you want to listen to as well. While you are doing that, you can also charge up one of your batteries. If you have lots of batteries as I do, half the time I’ll run the radio from one of the batteries when working in an area of reduced power available.


Dewalt Cordless Vacuum

Dewalt cordless and corded vacuum



One last tool I want to mention before I finish up here with the Dewalt hand tools page is the portable hand vacuum. Dewalt has two of these smaller vacuums this being the slightly larger and another one about half the size. The great thing about having one of these vacuums is the portability for doing small job clean ups that save time and energy of carrying around compared to the larger shop vacs. Another quick note about these vacuums that I find makes them stand out from the other shop vacs is these run on batteries the same as your tools, how convenient is that. I never waste my time hauling around my festool vacuum for small clean ups, I have always used my Dewalt cordless vacuum for those jobs, ten years old and still sucks in a good way.



With Dewalt as one of your top name brands for home improvement hand tools, I’m sure you’ll agree there are lots of tools to choose from for any collection. Just like the other major brands Dewalt offers enough tools that you can use just their tools alone, or you can mix up the different name brands as I do. My only suggestion would be, whichever company you choose for your cordless tools, try having one brand to keep all your batteries and chargers the same, My thoughts on the subject.


To see more about Dewalts product line click here!



  1. Hello there. My names John and I love this site!!! I am a fourth year carpenter and I must say nicely placed content on the Dewalt drills. I am a big fan. I also must say that you certainly have everything up to date as far as I know of what Dewalt has out. Keep up the awesome writing, I love your pictures and I want everything on this page! I am getting close… Thanks for the awesome read.

    • Hi, John and glad you liked the site. At present the site is only a few days old but I will be adding posts about all the different tools and the ones I use. I decided to designate this site to tools from my main site that deals with all aspects of renovations.

  2. Thanks for the info on Dewalt tools.
    My brother in law has a huge collection of Dewalt tools and that makes gift buying for him easy. His birthday is coming up soon and I’ve been trying to find some tools he doesn’t already have.
    I know he doesn’t have the flashlight — does it use the same type of battery as the hand tools?

    • All you need to know is whether you’re brother inlaw is using the nicad batteries and voltage level or the newer 20Volt lithium ion batteries to know which light will work with his batteries.

  3. I am looking for a 65th birthday gift for my dad. He is retired now, but he is a real handyman. However, all of his tools are so old, especially his drill. It needs to be plugged in which is a real pain in the butt.

    I have been looking at good quality tools so I can get him a new drill for his birthday. From everything I read Dewalt seems like an amazing brand. Hopefully it isn’t too excessive for his needs. But I want it to be the last drill he ever has to buy!

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi, Simone, and you’re right about Dewalt being an excellent brand. I have one of their battery operated drills which are now just over eleven years old and still works like new. As a contractor, my tools get used daily and are put to the test continuously for durability and performance. It will still be a while before I ever need to replace my Dewalt cordless drill.

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