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For top quality and high-end home improvement hand tools, I rate a Festool hand tool to be the best I’ve used. Most of my tools are other brands, but I’m slowly replacing my other brand name tools one by one with the Festool collection. The other brands that I use are excellent tools, and I’m using them daily, but I find I like the Festool as one of my top favourites.


Festool Hand Tool


Festool storage system


Like most contractors we all have a tendency to carry a variety of different brand name tools. A lot of this has to do with sale prices at the time we require the tool and its purpose. There is always the case where some tools are simply not created by the primary tool brand that you use.

Festool Hand ToolFestool like all other companies does not make every type of tool that one may require. For the tools they do make, I find their collection extremely well thought out and executed. They are one of the few; in fact, they started the trend to have portable, stackable containers to move their tools around. Not only did festool have the foresight to create these cases for their tools but they also have kits designed for accessories to the tools that require all the extras. Not only that but they also had the smarts to incorporate foam pads that you can modify to create carrying cases for whatever you decide that you may need to store in one for transporting.

I’m not sure what I like best about Festool, the actual quality of their tool collection that they offer or the great storage system they have devised to handle all the tools and accessories you may need to go with the tools.

Anyone who is to set up a business or a hobby shop would find that there is probably no better system than what Festool has developed. They have taken into consideration of their central vacs to operate as any of the others but have also incorporated a three position switch rather than the usual two position on/off. With this extra third position on the switch, you can plug your tool into the dry vac and have the tool control when it turns on and off. With this kind of feature, you’re able to reduce the amount of sawdust considerably. The dry vac will start absorbing the sawdust instantaneously when you run the tool you’re using, and then once you release the trigger to let the saw or sander stop, the dry vac still operates for a few seconds longer to clear the remainder of the sawdust into the dry vac’s bag.

Festool has developed a full package of connectors to have the saws like the radial arm saw, table saw and others to have a central conduit connection to the dry vac to handle all the sawdust extraction. When you consider how many contractors that get into building homes or doing large project renovations requiring a fair bit of use with table and radial arm saws, this system of connecting up your dry vac only makes good sense and all the more reason for owning such a system.

Festool circular sawDifferent places I’ve worked around the city, I see many ways other contractors set up their saws trying to reduce the amount of sawdust mess they create and others just letting it fly around. What can you say, some contractors just don’t care other than collecting their money? I find Festool’s dust removal system works so well that I built a set of kitchen cabinets from scratch using one of their plunge cut circular saws with the dry vac. I found that it kept the sawdust from flying around, and the sawdust that was not sucked up from the connection between the saw and dry vac just fell around the saw blade as I made my cuts.

The festool circular saw with their guide is so accurate that everybody who saw the kitchen cabinets feel they were made by a custom cabinet making company and can’t believe how fast one person could build the whole set of cabinets without a table saw and be so precise. It just goes to show what a great set of tools can do when a company knows what you need to get the job done. The festool hand tool has higher prices compared to most of the other brand name tools which are why most contractors carry other brand name tools. Even at the higher prices, festool are making their way as part of many contractors toolkits used in the workforce around the world, as one of the best tools available.


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  1. Another great site for you Travis. You obviously are experienced in the home improvement field. I learned from your other site how to install flooring etc and now i know what specific tools to use to do it. well done. How long did it take for you to design total site

    • This site is a spin-off from TD Remodeling my primary website that other people have been requesting I do for them. So once I decided to create this site it took three days for most of it 10 pages/posts and the dates on the latest 10 pages/posts show what I have done over the last month.

      TD Remodeling is my local business of what I do where I live. People kept asking for an online DIY etc. so I redesigned my site.

      To make things easier I then decided to seperate my site down to.

      Home Improvement Hand Tools – which you are now on.

      Home Renovation How To – for all the DIY in renovations.

      What is a Domain? – for the ones wanting to have an online business like myself.

      A Monthly Newsletter – gives full access to a DIY tutorial website

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