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When it comes to home improvement hand tools, festool power tools are one of the best name brands on the market. From the storage system, they have designed to the tools they house, you could not ask for a better tool. When I decided to build my home, instead of using my dewalt table saw to create the kitchen cabinets, I wanted some tools that would give me total precision cutting with no margin for errors. I chose what I know to be the best power tools for sale on the market today Festool.


Festool Power Tools



festool power tools


I went out and purchased home improvement tool sets by Festool to make the precision cuts required to create my kitchen cabinets as seen in the images for this post. When you buy tools, you’ll purchase the particular tools you want individually. Whenever possible you can get deals, where the manufacturers will put promotions together where you can acquire the tools you require in home improvement tool sets. It’s always a good thing to buy power tools for sale as a set for the extra savings you’ll receive.

When I made my purchase I got the Festool CT 36 Hepa AutoClean Dust Extractor, and TS 55 REQ Track Saw as a set then bought the guide rail connectors to join two lengths of 55″ guide rail FS 1400. With the purchase of each of these items, I was able to create the kitchen cabinets I wanted using birch cabinet grade 3/4 plywood and hardwoods to trim them out. I also used this system to take care of all the return casing for my door and window casements as well. Once you have the tools you’ll start to use them anywhere you can save time and money from what they can handle.


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Even though the festool TS 55 REQ track saw is a plunge cut circular saw that is with a guide, you can still use it as you would any other circular saw which I have done for making cuts. This festool saw just gives you the advantage of being designed for a track system but does everything the other name brand saws will handle. Most other saws just don’t have the refinements that the festool saw has to offer. One of the nicest refinement options you’ll like about the festool saw is how you can dial in with pinpoint accuracy for the blade depth. Most circular saws are very crude in how you set the depth compared to the higher end plunge cut saws.

The Festool CT 36 Hepa AutoClean Dust Extractor again is a significant step up from your typical shop vac. Festool’s machines run cleaner than most people’s central vacs and portable vacuums they run for regular vacuuming of their homes. This feature works great when you’re working in completed homes that are occupied. It’s one thing to be on the job site for new construction where you just clean your mess after you finish your work but it’s another thing creating sawdust in occupied homes. The last thing people want is their positions full of sawdust. Any of Festool’s dust extractors is designed to handle anywhere you need to go for work. They even set the dust extractor to power up when you turn on your tool being used then shut done on a delay for a few seconds to extract the last part of the dust when powering done.

The guide rail connectors are two metal components that slide between two lengths of the guide rail to hold them together. They use set screws to make sure nothing moves, and once you’ve put them together, they are as one. These parts make it easier for you to work with having a guide of different lengths according to what you’re trying to cut. Shorter peace you can use a single guide rail while you would put two guides together for cutting up sheets. For me to cut the panels for my kitchen cabinets, I needed two guides. I also used the two guides to handle the 4 X 8 sheets I needed to cut for the returns on all my doors and windows to be trimmed out later.

Like all tool companies, Festool carries an extensive line of products to handle just about anything you may require a tool to handle. As I had mentioned, Festool power tools are one of the world’s best tools made. If you need home improvement hand tools, then you’ll never go wrong with investing your money purchasing any festool product. To check out other festool gear and see more of what they have available, click the link- Festools For Sale.





  1. Thanks. I really don’t know much about power tools however, I will be showing this to my husband who I believe will love this! Nice work on the post! Our bathroom sink just leaked about a week ago, the former owners put down carper (unfortunately) and we had to rip it up the leak was so bad. So we are looking for tools we’re missing to finish replacing the rotten flooring and put down tile

    • Usually, the best way is to buy any major tools you’ll use on several occasions when working around the house and just rent the one shot tools you believe you’ll never need again. This concept will reduce the amount of tools to purchase and leave you with more money for the renovations or save on overall costs.

      Either way you decide any festools you purchace you’ll never go wrong. They are a world leader when it comes to home improvement hand tools.

  2. Great, informative post right here! You’ve offered very valuable user information on Festool Power Tools here, Travis! Your site continues to be a great source of helpful, all round information that is often difficult to find – in one place! One thing I would want to establish about these Festool set of power tools though: do they use portable power batteries as well, or they just use power cords or cables that must be moved everywhere as one roams the home?

    • Festool like most of the other name brand tools does have battery operated tools. They are not as elaborate for how many they have in their collection, but they do offer users to have corded, and battery operated tools.

      For myself, I have been slowly upgrading to Festool as older tools need to be replaced. It just takes a long time for most of my other tools to need replacement as they are all from quality name brand companies as I display in my website.

  3. Hey Travis

    Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve always defaulted to Dewalt in the past but you make a pretty good case for Festool as a great power tool option.

    What I’ve liked about dewalt is the way the battery system works where you can change the battery over between tools so you only need two batteries for all of your tools. Are Festool power tools battery powered like this or are they corded?

    • HiI Nathan, Festool does have battery operated tools that can do the same thing as you mentioned with the dewalt.

      Like you I also have battery operated tools by Dewalt as they were the for runners to have the most selection eleven years ago. Other companies have caught up with offering a larger selection of interchangeable tools for the same batteries.

      The Dewalt tools are great and you could stick with them as I have and I’ll only change to a new brand once they break down if they break down.

      So in saying all that, my Festool so far are the corded tools.

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