Hitachi Hand Tools


Today when I use home improvement hand tools, I still use Hitachi hand tools to get the job done. They are just as good today as when I first started using them for long life and durability. As a contractor, you want tools that are going to last you as long as possible, and Hitachi will offer you that kind of quality.

Hitachi Hand Tools

Hitachi Tools

Depending on your preference, you can buy all of your tools to match by one company that works out fine when you’re dealing with the top brands. I have run into a few people who only have one major brand of tools, and they stick to them for all their purchases. For myself, I have always talked to the different trades to see what they prefer to use when there doing the various jobs required of them and why. When you know what it is they do, you have a better understanding of why they use the tools they do for each job. When you work as a general contractor, the usage of your tools differ from the trades that are hardcore to particular work. Certain tools work better for some businesses than others, and the best way to give you an explanation on that is to give you some examples of what tools the different trades prefer to use.

Hitachi Drywall Screw Gun
Hitachi Radial Arm Saw
Hitachi Roofing Gun

Hitachi Drywall Screw Gun


One of the things I learned many years ago that I still practice today is when to spend the extra money on higher quality tools and when not to spend. Another thing to note is that even though I have met contractors that purchase only one type of tool brands for most of their gear, I believe in buying the best tool for the job. You also need to know when I say the best tool for the job; that

Hitachi Drywall Gun

does not mean the most expensive are the best. I like to think of it as if you were planning on buying a new car; each manufacturer has some great vehicles with a lot in the middle, and some vehicles well let just say there better to leave on the lot. Buying tools from most companies are the same thing, some are excellent, most are good, and others are better left on the shelve. Very few companies make every product they sell the best, and that’s why I have mixed brands for the tools I use.

The Hitachi drywall gun that is a particular corded drill for correctly countersinking your screws into gyp-rock. Now I had used adapters for drills only to have the bearings fly out when they wore out. I have used different drywall guns by other brands that didn’t last, so I talked to the drywallers that hang thousands of board feet day after day what they used. Here’s what they told me. Each week they were purchasing new drywall guns to complete one floor of an apartment building they were working on from the different brands they were using. One day they bought the Hitachi drywall gun and the purchases stopped as the Hitachi drill was not destroyed by the end of the week like the other drills where. All the fancy black inlaid rubber was all hacked up from as they put it, dragging the drill around by the cord. The thing to note here is that the drill still worked level after level.

Right now I think you already know what I did. I went out and bought myself the Hitachi drywall screw gun, and I’ve been using it for the last ten years and odds are it will probably be the last one I’ll ever need to purchase.


Hitachi Radial Arm Saw

Hitachi Radial Arm Saw

As a contractor, I specialize in doing hardwood, floating engineered and laminate flooring that I am consistently using a radial arm saw that makes up part of my home improvement hand tools. Every contractor will have certain tools that get continuiously used almost daily, and my Hitachi Radial Arm Saw is one such tool. For most contractors they usually purchase a 12-inch, but I find the Hitachi 10 inch works perfectly for flooring and most other jobs without the slightly extra travel of the 12-inch. It surprises the difference in added weight, and size between the 10-inch versus 12-inch radial arm saw. I have found that I could build an entire house without a 12-inch because of how well the precision cutting of the Hitachi 10-inch is capable of accomplishing.

I have used other radial arm saws that are capable of doing what they were designed for and having no problems with them when doing renovations. I just find when you’re in and out of a lot of places each day remodeling hardwood floors, it is much quicker and easier to move and set up a 10 inch than any of the 12-inch saws. When I have used 12-inch saws through the years, they were the Dewalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, and Hitachi, and just as I have listed the different brand names is how I prefer to use them. Dewalt’s and Bosch Radial Arm Saw at the bottom end with Milwaukee and Hitachi the better choice.

That being said, is why my 10-inch saw is made by Hitachi, which is, at least, ten years old now and still going strong.


Hitachi Roofing Gun


For me personally, I’m getting to the stage where going up on a roof is no joy and more of a pain in the …!

Hitachi Roofing Gun

Roofing is a young man’s game, and I will never deny that issue, but when I need to go up or send anybody else up, there is only one nailer I want in my hand, and that’s the Hitachi Roofing Gun. I


have used a few different brands of roofing nailers and for myself and some others that have used the different brands, Hitachi has all the bases covered with what we would call one of the best guns for roofing going.

Let’s just say when you’re hanging off a 12-12 pitch roof over a cliff a few hundred feet up, the last thing you want from your roofing gun, is for it to jam or start misfiring. It’s bad enough to be on this type of roof slope that tool malfunction is not anything you want to deal with while roofing. From all the roofing jobs I’ve worked on and with others that are full-time roofers all prefer to use the Hitachi roofing gun hands down. In fact, for some roofers if they are not using the Hitachi gun it’s because they are hand bombing the shingles on the roof.


Check out all Hitachi has to offer here!




  1. You really know your stuff. I also love it when a piece of kit lasts me 10 years, the brand becomes your best friend.

    I’m glad you talked to all those other contractors too. There’s nothing like testing stuff to destruction to sort the best from the rest!

    If you had to replace your 10+ year old pieces, would you say that the current ones were the same quality and price?

    • Price wise everything keeps going up so there is not much you can say about that. I do find with electronics prises could drop on items but most of the time they just add more functions and features to keep prises up.

      As for the quality and durability, I believe the earlier tools I have are probably better than the new ones for quality and durability but all the companies making tools have lost part of that through the years. Tool for tool the leading brands then still dominate today. There giving us more tool selection with function and features we never had in the past,

      So maybe the newer tool only lasts you, 8-12 years instead of 10-14, That’s still good in my books.

  2. I am a great believer in the principle of buying all my tools from the same manufacturer when I want to update my kit. I think they naturally complement each other and function well as a team of tools, rather than having several from lots of different brands that may leave me unable to perform a certain task as well as I want. These Hitachi tools look excellent in quality and good value for money and I’ll be getting them to add to my other Hitachi kit.

    • Hitachi hand tools have always been one of my favorites for many years. From the time I purchased my radial arm saw around ten years ago which still works like new, I have added other tools from their collection always knowing that the quality and longevity of tool performance is something I can count on from Hitachi.

      They are one of the best for the money and durability to be used on any job you may require them to be used on.

  3. Hi mate,

    I’m currently looking for a few new nail guns for our building crew and decided to jump online and have a lot of what new is out there… we haven’t upgraded in a while, looks like there’s some nice new equipment available now!… cheers for the info.


    • You will find Hitachi has some great guns, I especially like their roofing gun as one of the best around. There other guns are

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