Hitachi Sliding Compound Miter Saw



Hitachi C12RSH 15-Amp 12-Inch Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker is one of the best for the price for your home improvement hand tools collection that you could purchase. This saw like some of the other brand names I talk about is among the best.


Hitachi Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi sliding compound miter saw

The Hitachi has created one of the best saws for the value that I never leave home to show up at any job site without having it with me. I’ve been using my Hitachi for the better part of ten years now and for me, the only tool I would consider replacing it with if the time ever comes would be with Festool’s Kapex Ks 120 Sliding Compound Miter Saw if the price was not an issue. Dollar for dollar I do find the other brand name tools I have at this site are the ones to purchase when on a budget.

System Requires Zero Clearance Compact Slide
Perfect Cuts From The Laser Marker Technology
Compound Feature for Precise Miters and Bevels
Extra Features


System Requires Zero Clearance Compact Slide


Like most other high brand sliding compound miter saws, this Hitachi has a revolutionary compact sliding system that allows for zero clearance in the rear. This system allows the saw to be set up against a wall. With its minimum rear clearance design, this saw can work from a small work area where space is limited. The patented fixed rail system do not extend to the back when operating the saw that allows the saw blade to glide smoothly along the twin rails.


Perfect Cuts From The Laser Marker Technology

Hitachi sliding compound miter saw laser


Hitachi has incorporated a laser marker system that enables the user to make accurate and precision cuts every time. There is an easy adjust for where the laser marker will be displayed to the left or the right of the blade. This laser adjustment allows for cutting your material to your mark with no loss due to blade width. Line up your stock material to the laser and the blade cut will be on the waste side giving you total accuracy or the perfect length for each cut you make.

The laser is on a separate switch to allow the operator to set up their material for proper alignment before running the blade to cut.

Compound Feature for Precise Miters and Bevels


The Hitachi design for the C12RSH simple use with a miter scale that ranges between zero and 46 degrees to the left and zero and 57 degrees to the right. There is a micro-miter knob that allows the user to dial in precise angles for every cut. As with other sliding saws, Hitachi also has all the positive stops required for making quick and easy angle adjustments for cutting out for trim and crown molding jobs.

The Bevel scale ranges for both left and right from zero to 45 degrees. You can also keep your material in place while making opposing cuts just by flipping the saw head.  There is a micro-bevel adjustment knob to dial in for a precise angle cut once you’ve secured the primary bevel angle. Again you have the option of using the positive bevel stops for easy measurements and settings.

The TCT 12-inch saw blade can be used to make easy work trim, crown molding and other woodwork you may require. The pivoting fence helps with higher cuts of 4-11/16 inches for larger pieces of stock and accurate cuts for crown molding.


Hitachi sliding compound miter saw features

Extra Features


The Hitachi C12RSH has a leading five-year warranty
Measures 23-7/16 x 36-5/8 x 27-15/16 inches
Weighs in at 63.9 pounds
Powerful 15 amp motor with no load speed up to 3,800 RPM
Dust bag for collecting sawdust and particles
Easy accessible carbon brushes
Increased safety with fixed splinter guard
Has a vibration-reducing elastomer grip to prevent slippage


Hitachi C12RSH 15-Amp 12-Inch Sliding Dual Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker is one saw that will last most people a lifetime to take care of any home renovation project you may have on the go or be planning for the future. As I have already mentioned, I use a Hitachi sliding compound miter saw that is just over ten years old now, and it works like the day I bought it. My Hitachi sliding saw has proven to me that it is built of quality, to perform with precision and have the durability to last over the course of time. If its quality, reliability, durability and excellent value for the money then Hitachi has got you covered.


Hitachi C12RSH 15 Amp 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser




  1. Hey thank you for reviewing hitachi sliding compound miter saw. I’m not good with this stuffs. And I was wondering if you will recommend the hitachi sliding compund miter saw? And what is the price range for this stuff? And also what other saws can you recommend that is good for house use only?

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi John, as I mentioned in this post, I do use the Hitachi sliding compound miter saw and it is a saw that I would recommend.

      Depending on which model and size, the purchase price normally range from $300.00 to $900.00 US dollars. If they happen to have any sales on, you’ll find you’ll obviously get a better price.

      The best way to catch sales is when you are prepared to buy more than one brand. Most contractors have multiple brands just for that reason. You need to figure out which name brand tools you would like to own and whether you want a 10-inch or 12-inch blade.

      The best brands to choose from that have competitive pricing with one another are:


      You could purchase a sliding compound miter saw from any one of the companies and be happy with the results. I have used sliding saws from each of them and worked with many other contractors that use these brands as well.

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