Home Improvement Hand Tools


As a contractor, I get a lot of people requesting what are the best Home Improvement Hand Tools that they should use for their renovations when remodeling. To answer that question, one of the biggest considerations you need to know about is the type of improvement and project size.


Home Improvement Hand Tools


This website will dedicate to providing you with all the top brand names of hand tools that most contractors have come to know and trust. Here you will learn what tools work the best for each type of job and why the best tools are not always the best tool to use for certain jobs while the best tool may be what you want and need for others. Get the full insight to why as a contractor we use the tools we do when it comes to all the different types of renovations. So whether you’re a DIY kind of person or one of the tradespeople in the trades you will find this site has a lot to offer.

So what do you say, we get the ball rolling with what this site is all about!

To get started, how about I make some different sub-titles to allow you to read up on everything I’ll now present to you, or you can directly jump to the areas that interest you most.

What’s in a Brand Name Tool?
Are Tool Accessories that important?

What about the Powerless Hand Tools?
Specialty Tools do we need them?
Battery versus Corded?


What’s in a Brand Name Tool?

brand name tool


Brand name tools are one topic that can cause significant debates about who thinks which tools are the best to use for one brand compared to another. As I start creating multiple posts on each brand type as this site progress through the months to come, that we will be covering many brands such as Dewalt, Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, Hitachi and the list will go on giving the pros and cons for each type. Are discussions will not just talk about the different brands but also take us into specific tools such as reciprocating saws, circular saws, multi-tools, radio arm saws, chop saws, table saws. We’ll get into covering an entire range of subjects dealing with each of the brands as this website ages to give you the best insight you can get for making the best decision for all your tool selections. A major part of that decision is whether or not you need one of the best brands or will a lower quality brand be good enough for you, and we’ll also discuss that as well.


Are Tool Accessories that important?

tool accessories


Now some of you may be wondering how important are tool accessories when it comes to using them in conjunction with your home improvement hand tools. Nowadays you will find some companies create accessories for tools and do not even have their brand of tools to use their products with but do create excellent products never the less. Most businesses that do create hand tools all have some form of accessories to go with the very tools they produce and some even make their accessories match up to some of the other brands specialty tools for use. Most companies these days know one of the worst things they could ever do is make a tool that is not compatible with all the main and essential accessories required to operate them on the job site. I’ll be writing posts about a lot of these different accessories as well comparing them from one brand to another so once again you will be able to make the best decision for your needs on what to use your tools.


What about the Powerless Hand Tools?

powerless hand tools


There was a time when just about every tool used operated without batteries and electricity if you can imagine that. Luckily for us, not only do we have a corded tool, we have battery operated tools that make our jobs even easier than ever before. The question we want to look at right now is using basic tools that operate on having no power that we still do use a lot believe it or not, but we do not always use all the power tools available to us. I will also create some posts about why we still choose to use powerless tools and look at the pros and cons for that decision. You’ll also discover why some tools to date just have not been invented yet to replace powerless individual tools and why you’ll still want to use them.


Specialty Tools do we need them?

specialty tools


Specialty tools are something that you could put into two broad categories. There are some tools you can do without by making due with other tools to get the job done, and the second is you need the tool to do the job properly. We will look into both aspects of when you can do without and when you should not try to do a particular job without the specialty tools required. The difference between having the right tool can make the job faster, easier, fantastic looking, etc. to taking longer, harder and looking like you should have hired somebody else for the job. You will also discover that there are also multi-functional tools that have the ability to replace two or more tools not only making your job easier but having less equipment to haul around to each job site that is also another concern when dealing with minimum storage space.


Battery versus Corded?

battery versus corded


This conversation would have been very one-sided years ago when battery operated tools were much heavier, never held a charge very long and were not proficient at getting the job done properly. Batteries have come a long way these days that most contractors all use battery operated tools and would not consider leaving home without them. Other contractors and I have at least two-three tools at least that are capable of doing the same job. You never know when a tool could break, lose power and need battery operated tools, or you’re batteries are all discharged, and you need to have corded tools to continue with getting your work done.

Nowadays I find both types of power have their advantage.

Battery tools are quicker to get around from spot to spot throughout a house or building without the need to find a receptacle to plug into for power. On smaller jobs battery power saves you set up and clean up time compared to running extension cords to have power where you need it. Corded tools have the ability to still do jobs that battery operated tools are not produced yet to handle or have the right power capabilities to get the job done. Either way, depending on what your requirements are, you can be sure there is a tool for you to handle any renovation you are planning on doing with the home improvement hand tools of today.

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  1. There are really a tremendous variety of tools out there on the market today. Just here in this article you can see several different types. It really depends on what you need a tool or tools for because they all have different purposes. Some can be used for many things and some or very specific or only certain uses.

    • What you say is true and for most people they just need to think of what they may need tools for then decide on what makes the most sense for their needs.

  2. This site is just what I’ve been looking for!

    I have just recently got my own place and boy are there a lot of odd jobs that need doing all over the place! I though having you own place was suppose to make life easier… but it is just the beginning. Although I am so grateful for finding this site which adds clarity to this minefield of DIY. Do you have any tips for getting certain tools etc at tradesmen prices? 😉

    • Even as a contractor I still pay the same prices for most tools as you or anyone else, where I get my savings is on tools in the tiling industry and all the materials that go with it. That’s why I still make purchases from the internet because if I want a drill, it’s no different then my neighbour next door wanting one as well.

  3. I’m not an experienced handyman, but I do own my home and my wife and I often want to fix things ourselves (nothing too complicated!).

    Thank for giving us the guidance we need to help us hone in on the best tool, and what we might need down the line but should get now!

    • Knowing which tools to use and having the right tools for the job will make any home renovation how to project go a lot smoother. You’ll find with all the different home improvement hand tools you can choose from, that most improvements will become easier when you have the correct tools to work with so take a look around and see which of the different name brands will work best for you.

  4. Hi

    This is a very helpful post! in fact exactly what i have been looking for! I need to buy a tool kit mainly to carry out DIY jobs throughout the house. I already have the basic screwdrivers and hammers, but I need to Buy a drill and a Sander. what would you recommend as being the best value for money?
    Many Thanks, Naeem

    • Well, to get you started there are two things you need to consider. You can purchase corded tools or cordless tools.

      The corded tools will be the cheaper tools to buy regardless of the name brand tools you would prefer to purchase.

      The cordless tools will cost you more but do give you the advantage of using the same battery pack for each tool, and you do not need to plug them into the receptical power. Of the two tools you listed, the drill is the one most people like to use as a cordless for convenience and ease of operation when working about your home. The Sanders you tend to set up somewhere to make your mess then clean up, so most people use corded sanders.

      You can buy either corded or cordless tools from Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee, Hitachi and Dewalt. Any of these brands makes great products for the money and depending on when you want to purchase tools you may get an even better deal on a promotional sale.

      If you have any further questions, don’t hesitae to ask away.

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