Home Improvement Tool Sets


What’s the advantage of having Home Improvement Tool Sets when your purchasing tools for renovations on any home? I have the answers you need, check them out!


Home Improvement Tool Sets


brand name tool
As a contractor like many others working in the construction field of doing home renovations, tools and all the different name brands associated with them is something we all know a fair bit. Every day we use a multitude of tools and equipment to accomplish the jobs we set forth to complete. The type and brand of tool we use can make the difference for a job well done or perhaps you should have stayed at home. Proper tools can make all the difference in the finished product and the time it takes to complete the work on time.

To get started, let’s take a look some different tool set concepts to see just what I’m talking about here. From all the different name brands out there, I will pick just a few, but I’ll talk about some of the home improvement tool sets I purchased as well. Just know that you can buy many different types of kits from many different brands so here are a few.

Tool Sets With Accessories
Tool Sets As A Package
Cordless Combo Kits
Manufacturer or Store Promotional Kits
Corded Combo Tool Kits
Specialty Tool Kits
Tool Adaptor kits

Tool Sets With Accessories


home improvement tool sets tool and accessories kit
For most people this heading of tool sets with accessories is not anything new. Most people have already been buying these types of kits by every brand name company on the market selling tools. The real difference is which tools and accessories have you been purchasing for your requirements. Above are three examples of what to expect for these type of kits. Starting from the left to right we have: Fein Multitool, Dremel and a Black & Decker Drill with adapters.

These type of kits usually always come in a case or bag to hold the tools and all components that go with them. The first two tool kits I presently own and use. They are extremely versatile for cutting and sanding each in their way with some overlapping uses between them. The third tool set is a Black & Decker kit that has interchangeable adapters to have one device perform many different functions that I’ll explain a little about at the end of this post-Tool Adapter Kits.

The thing to recognize here is all the companies that produce home improvement hand tools will sell many different variations on tool sets or toolkits depending on which way you want to look at it.

Tool Sets As A Package


home improvement tool sets porter cable compressor tool kit

When you consider looking at tool sets as a package, you’ll find many combinations of tools put together that are compatible to do some form of renovation job that you may require or have no desire in purchasing. To show you just how some of the companies operate with putting a package together I have included to different brands with one of their many tool sets that are available just to give you an idea of what’s out theirs.

First up is the porter cable compressor with three guns, 18 gauge, 16 gauge and the crown stapler to the right, that you would purchase a tool set for trimming out a house or for furniture for instance. You will also notice that the second image shows the same package by Bostitch. I do not own either of these items as I use a larger twin tank compressor instead of these smaller pancake compressors you see here. I also own Paslode finishing nailers rather than these two name brand finish nailers.


home improvement tool sets bostitch compressor kit

I have used both of these companies compressors and guns through the years while doing my renovations and still know a lot of other contractors that use these tools regularly. The Bostitch guns I have used the most among them, especially the hardwood gun not shown. Between the two compressors, I have used the Porter Cable pancake model but never the Bostitch version. I do know that some of the other contractors favor the Bostitch, who have them, but I do see the porter cable model mostly most often.


Cordless Combo Kits

home improvement tool sets milwaukee cordless combo kit


The cordless combo kits come in a verity of packages. Of all the home improvement tool sets produced, I would say every Name brand out there have concentrated on giving you the most selection on choosing a combo kit for cordless. The Milwaukee drill set to the right, is one package many other companies offer as well. This particular package is used by every trade in the industry that I see. If I where to purchase new battery tools, then Milwaukee would be my next choice.

There are plenty of companies that all have great tools once you’re dealing with the top brands and it’s a toss up to say if one is that much better than the other. For the most part, it would come done to preference more than quality and performance.

home improvement tool sets dewalt cordless combo kit

Another type of combo packaging is with a larger and broader tool selection for work. Almost eleven years ago when I first purchased my cordless tools, there was hardly any choice in brands to choose from, so dewalt was the logical choice hands down. Today that is no longer the case as all the major companies now carry an extensive array of tools. Eleven years ago dewalt was the most diversified for me, so I purchased a six tool combo kit in a hard case at that time.

I have to tell you that they worked great then and still work fine today as if I had just purchased them. You’ll see my jigsaw and hammer/drill displayed on my home page on the slide show. Loved them then, still loving the quality and performance today like I said almost eleven years later. I just have to change up the batteries every 4-5 years as they no longer take a charge.

Manufacturer or Store Promotional Kits


This next topic is about Manufacturer or Store Promotional Kits, where the producing companies will sell you a package deal that they have put together by combing some compatible tools together. The companies do this for a couple of reasons, and I’ll discuss two of them.

One is to give you savings on the overall purchase price of the tools in question.
The second and more important one is to have you become a loyal customer for their name brand.

home improvement tool sets festool tool kit

We already know about the cordless combo kits above, but I just want to mention about how there are other package deals. Whether you walk into an existing store or through the Internet, packages, on tool combos will show up for a time frame for you to purchase and save money in the long run.

One such package for me was the Festool plunge cut circular saw and dry vacuum. I bought these two about five years ago, and it was one of my best purchases. What I did was build my entire kitchen cabinets using this hand saw instead of a table saw. I do not own the stationary equipment that the cabinet makers have in their shops because I’m a renovations contractor that has all the portable gear. So instead of using my portable 10-inch dewalt table saw, I purchased this tool set with some extra accessories like the guide rails to make positioned cuts.

The way the system works is any power tool you are using plugs into the vacuum. Every time you pull the trigger on the tool you’re using, the vacuum comes on and sucks up all the sawdust. So you know, I’ll use this vacuum with as many tools as I can for taking up the sawdust.

Corded Combo Tool Kits

home improvement tool sets dremel 3l tool

Home improvement tool sets Dremel 3l toolJust as you can purchase cordless tools in combo packs you can also do the same with corded. Usually, you’ll find that there are not as many sales this way unless they do a special as I had mentioned above. When they do have these tool sets packaged up, you will find some half decent savings. With these home improvement tool sets, you’ll have the opportunity to buy a couple or more tools that could come in very handy. On the left going from top to bottom, you’ll see three Dremel tools.

They are the: Dremel 4000 rotary tool, SM20 SawMax, and the MM20 Multi-Max that come in one hard case.

I only have the last one by Dremel, and I use a different name brand for the oscillating tool shown in the middle as I mentioned above created by Fein as a package tool set in the case.

These are all useful tools that I would classify as a specialty tool that are great to have after you already collected the primary home improvement hand tools.

Specialty Tool Kits


home improvement tool sets bosch and accessories kit
Even though I had just mentioned to the previous part of corded combo tool kits that those tools could easily be classified as specialty tools, I wanted to use these Bosch lasers for this segment. I already do have both lasers and other brand lasers but decided to show you this one. This laser is not one that I have by Bosch, but I have had the Dewalt version that I have used, and I would say this Bosch is just as good as the Dewalt laser.

home improvement tool sets bosch and accessories kit

From using and the more I find out about the Bosch product line of lasers, I believe they are one of the best to choose from above all other Brands, and as I start getting more to my collection, they will be by Bosch. From what I have seen around, Bosch has more types and variations than any of the other brands I have noticed for quality and durability.

Lasers like most tools have been changing in technology and incorporated into more different types of tools yearly as they keep picking up momentum. These are one type of tool you’re not sure where you will see it next as the manufacturers keep coming up with new ways to use the technology to make our jobs faster and easier with what they can do on the job site.

Tool Adaptor kits

home improvement tool sets black & decker accessories kit

Tool Adaptor Kits are another item that has grown by leaps and bounds as tools get more multi-functional in design. The day of having to buy cases of tools no longer apply if you choose to purchase these newer interchangeable tools that the body can outfit many different variations for a multitude of jobs. These attachments are for the Black & Decker shown in the tool sets with accessories image above at the beginning of this post. The components from left to right are Sander, Oscillating, Jigsaw and Hammer/Drill attachments.

Just as Black & Decker have these tool adapter kits, each brand has different types of tools for many different types of devices to have adapters interchanged.


Home Improvement Tool Sets Summary 

To summarize the home improvement tool sets, one needs to understand that there are many tool brands that make a lot of the same tools and also produce some unique tools specific to their brand. Your able to save money by purchasing your home improvement hand tools in sets or kits that ever way you choose to look at it. The important thing is there are tools for just about anything you may require one from when renovating homes and any other form of construction you may be doing. Learning about the tools, the brands that create them and the costs will all reflect on what you need to base your decisions on when purchasing what you need.


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  1. I appreciate the thoroughness of this site. I could learn a lot from this. I have handled a range of tools over the years as I was a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, and eventually even helped build my own house. I am now purchasing tools for my own needs.

    Thank you for the detailed site.

    • A lot of people have been asking me about the different tools I use as a contractor, so I thought I would put this site together to help them out. I find the more we know about something, the better decisions we can make. So hopefully you and many others will find the site helpful as all the monthly posts start to follow.

  2. Hi Travis.

    This website is fantastic! It seems to me like you really know what you are talking about here. All this brands offer some models with serious quality. I have previously worked as an carpenter. During this period I feld in love with the Festool series. These tools deliver truly high precision. Lately I have become aware of the Fein and Dremel multi tools and all their fine features. Everyone should have at least some of these tools at home. Really like this site.

    Kind regards

    • Hi, Kenneth and glad that you enjoyed the first of many posts to come for this site. As a contractor, I use many tools and different brands, I also get to see and hear about other tools and brands that others use, so this site will be dedicated to bringing that information forward for all who visit to see.

  3. I don’t use tools a whole lot. I’m handy enough to put together most IKEA furniture and that’s about it!

    Still I think it’s impressive what companies are doing these days in the tool making industry. There’s just so much variety out there and it seems like the quality and ease of use of the many kinds of tools on the market gets better every year.

    • Every year the tools are getting more diversed as they keep coming up with different multi-tools for handling many different types of jobs. The cordless tools keep progressing further with more selection each year as well. In all, it’s great for anyone needing new tools to have such a large selection of good quality brand names to choose from when buying home improvement hand tools for doing renovations.

  4. This is great! My husband was a contractor in Alaska, and we always were looking into reviews and such before we would buy. It would have been great to have your site then. I’m sure it will be helpful to many. I am going to share it with our son, as he’s just starting to build his tool supply!

    • Appreciate that Shelli and sorry it took me so long to get back to you as I’ve been on vacation etc. As your son builds his tool collection, he will discover very quickly which tools will serve him best for his needs. Comparing with others for the type of tools they prefer and understanding which tools contractors use and why makes a big difference to anyone looking to get involved with owning their own power tools.

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