Home Renovation How To


When you’ve been collecting the best name brand tools, there comes a time to put them to use. Home renovation how to principles is just what you’ll need to know!


Home Renovation How To


Home Renovation How To


For all, you tool lovers out there purchasing your favorite name brand tools, let me introduce myself. My name is Travis Smithers owner and operator of TD Remodeling. This website is a sister site to my Primary website tdremodeling.com.


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This here page you are now on is for another sister website homerenovationhowto.com.


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From these two websites, you will be able to get information all about doing home projects using the very tools you’ve been collecting. One of the biggest things that most people discover is having the right tools, but you need to understand how to use the tools and which tools to use that make the biggest difference. These websites will guide you through practices and tips that will save you thousands of dollars on your renovations.

When you start a project, there are a lot of considerations to consider. When I originally had my TD Remodeling website up online, it was just to show a portfolio for most of the type and quality of work that I do daily.

As more customers wanted to know how to do part of the work themselves, I decided to restructure my website to include the DIY for renovations and the home improvement hand tools used. Once I started to create the different posts/pages to handle what everybody wanted, my primary site was branching out in some directions that some were not interested in as the information was thinning out for what some people wanted.

From all the requests the choices turned out to create and have a few websites as follows:

Home Renovations How To Monthly NewsletterTD Remodeling

  • Gallery of local work
  • How to start a renovation business
  • The tools I use in my renovation business
  • Tips and procedures on the renovations I do
  • Links to Home Renovation How To and this site
  • Link to Renovation tutorials from Monthly Newsletter

Contractor ToolsHome Improvement Hand Tools

  • This site dealing primarily with tools
  • Link for the contractor tools I personally use
  • Links to Home Renovation How To and TD Remodeling sites
  • Link to Renovation tutorials from Monthly Newsletter

Home Renovation How To

  • Renovations for all parts of the home
  • Links to TD Remodeling and this site
  • Link to Renovation tutorials from Monthly Newsletter


So as you can see if you’re interested in more than just tools then the links on this post or the home page, will take you to the information you may require. These other sites will show you or talk about how you can save thousands when it comes to home renovations. If renovations are something you want to know more about whether it’s remodeling your home or even wanting to start a business, you can get the information you need from my links.

If learning renovations from the free tutorials are not fast enough or you simply what a detailed knowledge base for all the trades involved to make sure you can save thousands on your projects or know all the requirements as a contractor I have courses available.

Just so you have a better understanding of the power of having full renovation knowledge, the house I designed and built for my wife, and I constructed the way it is would have cost me almost three times the price I paid if local home builders built it. In fact, if my house were even built to minimum code which is what most homes are built to, I still would have only paid about half price for my home.




Now depending on your designs, you would naturally build or renovate an existing home of your taste and preference. For where I live, this is a prototype rancher on a 3,000 square foot slab, 28 ft by 28 ft double garage with cape style bonus room with full dormer on back above the garage.

The portion that makes this a prototype is the way I designed and built the shell of the home to deal with the weather. The average home built by other contractors to this size for our winters cost twice to three times what I pay for heat. While others have heat pumps for air conditioning, I am roughed in for a small one but have had no reason to install one yet. With temperatures in my backyard around 100 degrees Fahrenheit during parts of the summer, the inside of my home is around 70-72 degrees Fahrenheit.


house in winter


So even if you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, you can still save thousands if you understand how to do renovations. For this site, this page will be it for renovations so by all means any of you viewing this post if you are interested in more than just tools and require some information on the home renovation how to side, just use the links on this page or the home page.

Something I always like to say “Pull out your tools and let’s do it!


  1. hey TSmithers,

    very nice post. Although I am a pretty handy person myself, I always keep my glass empty so i can learn new tricks to the trade when it comes to doing renovations in the home..

    My family and I are about to buy a house soon, so these are some great tips.


    Good luck


    • Travis Smithers

      Like you I’m always ready to learn more, and when it comes to renovations, It seems like a never ending cycle of what you can learn from what you discover on the job and new products coming to market.

      With this page, I decided to give the option to have an extra source for anyone thinking of doing renovations the ideas and the knowledge of how its done if they need it for their projects.

  2. I am sure this will be a very helpful website too many, as most people would love to learn how to do it themselves as it would save them loads of money.

    I love the house in the photo. Is it yours?. The snow there looks pretty hectic and not something I would like to experience first hand.

    • Travis Smithers

      Hi Michel and the house is mine that I built for my wife and I back in 2012 mostly by myself. From the time I was 16 years old I always wanted to design and single handedly build my own house. I did 90% and hired out for 10%.

      I also agree with you about the snow, I’m getting to old to want to deal with it every year. I’ll have to start copying the birds and fly south for the winters soon.

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