Makita Hand Tools


Your collection of home improvement hand tools would not be complete without having some Makita hand tools. A brand name you can take to the bank sort of speak. Makita is another one of those tool brands that have also stood the test of time for quality and reliability that anybody who uses them has come to know.


Makita Hand Tools

Makita Tools


Makita hand tools are one of the top name brands that contractors and homeowners have trusted for many years. As I had mentioned with some of the other pages for the other brands I have listed, I use most of the major brands and Makita is no exception. Their tools have the quality and price point that rate them as one of the best to own and operate. Anybody who has used these tools knows, just how dependable they are. Again due to the fast line up of products that Makita produce’s you could use only their tools if you wanted. For myself, I use some of their tools, not all so I’ll take you through just a couple of things to show you what I’m talking about when it comes to their tools.

We’ll start off by looking at:
Makita’s corded Rotating Hammer/Drill
Makita Impact Accessories
Makita’s Orbital Sander


Makita’s corded Rotating Hammer/Drill


makita hammer drill
After I had burned out my previous Makita drill that was a regular 1/2 corded drill that I had around twelve years before it went up in smoke, I decided to buy another to replace it with a little more power. I use this drill for making all the right holes for hanging shower doors; this includes the pilot holes and the actual hole for the final screws or anchors that get installed in the wall after drilling the wall tiles. These wall tiles vary from ceramic, porcelain and stone of all types. The other job this new drill gets used for all the time, is busting out the older tiles and stripping the floor to prep for the new tiles. Anytime I deal with smaller floor surfaces; this tool gets the job done without any problems. On much larger jobs there are actual machines to lift and clean the thin-sets from the floor. Also to let you know this hammer/drill is going on four years old now but I still think of it as new. This Makita hammer/drill is a step up from the regular hammer/drill so it will do more and take the heat. From the picture you can see the rotary switch with the red locking button that takes it from being a drill to a hammer/drill but there is a third position that changes it into a small jackhammer that I use to lift tiles from the sub-flooring on small jobs.



Makita Impact Accessories


makita impact kit

Makita also has many accessories for all their tools just as any other major brand has. The one that I’m displaying right now is an impact kit for hammer/drills. You can purchase much larger kits having full socket sets as I already have or screw and drill bits. The components are made from a much more tempered metal to be able to withstand the extra torque placed on them from using hammer/drills. Regular bits when used in hammer/drills usually will not last very long due to the excessive force and torque placed upon them. Another reason you would want the accessories that are designed to take the added stress of all that extra torque expelled on them.





Makita’s Orbital Sander

makita orbital sander


In the case of my Makita orbital sander, I use to have the same one that was produced by Dewalt but after six years the sander ended up melting and losing the Velcro bottom that holds the sandpaper to the bottom of the sander. Let’s just say the sander did some serious sanding in it’s day that has now been passed on to the newer Makita sander that is now two years old and has picked up where the old one had left off. These particular Sanders also have a dust collector at the back for the sawdust that gets taken up through the eight holes in the bottom of the sanding disks that feed up through the sander’s base to the sawdust bag. I like this design as it gets a fair bit of the sawdust so you can see your work much easier as your sanding.



Home improvement hand tools like the Makita have been around for a long time and you can count on the fact they will still be around for a long time to come. Makita is a name brand that is here to stay, and I’ll be one to keep buying their products in the days ahead.

To learn and see more about Makita, check out this link!



  1. Hello,
    I know Makita is a very good brand of power-tools. My friend has a collection of them and loves them. A question I have is what makes this brand better than all the others? Is it the quality of the product and or the price? The pictures that you show in the review are good because it gives the potential consumer the visual needed if they wanted to purchase one of there products. Good luck with everything.

    • The Makita name brand is one of the best as they have been producing quality tools right alongside the other major players in the business. Makita has also priced themselves to compete against all the other companies as well by having very competitive pricing on all their products. Which name brand a person decides is best when your dealing with the best companies usually comes down to preference and availability of the tools you want or require.

  2. Its nice to have a read personal view that someone has on the products of Makita, I know that they are high quality but that’s what the name says, and you have experience with other tool brands too. so in the list of hand tool you described here, would you keep using Makita or would you go to another brand because they suck or if they broke.

    Thanks !


    • Travis Smithers

      Makita is one of the better brands of tools you can purchase and when my Dewalt orbital sander broke down on me even though they are also an excellent brand, I went out and replaced it with a Makita orbital sander.

      My preferences would be Festool first, Milwaukee second and third either Dewalt, Makita, Hitachi and Bosch in no particular order. You’ll discover that other than festool most of the other tools all sell around the same price, so it comes down to features for the price and if there are any sales at the time of purchase.

      The only time I would stay with a particular line of tools is once you start to buy your cordless tools, keep it simple by using all the same batteries. Also, note that the Dewalt 20 volt lithium battery cordless tools are like another brand name 18 volt lithium tools.

      The difference is all the other companies have their tools tested under load 18 volts and Dewalt is not under load giving you 20 volts. They are the same!

  3. Your content is wonderful and you have a lot of good points about Makita tools. I love Makita but realized that they aren’t American made. They are how ever a good tool to have and use. I even learned that they created a brushless motor tool back in 2004 for defense and aerospace technology. Then introduced it into the construction industry back in 2009 as the first 18 volt brushless motor impact. Also to find that they do have an American based company to make their tools. A few cordless tools I wouldn’t mind having in my garage. Thank you for putting them on your list. A great company and a great tool.

    • I will always have Makita on my list as I do have a few of them and the ones I do have, get excessive use.

      Most people would not believe how hard I operate them to get the job done and they keep working just like the day I bought them. I never leave for work without them.

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