Power Tools For Sale


At Home Improvement Hand Tools, it’s not just about power tools for sale but more about why as contractors we use the tools we do. We’ll give you the reason as contractors we choose different brands over other brands when it comes to home renovations.


Power Tools For Sale

power tools for sale

Most people will agree there are more tools than you’d care to count and climbing. With all the different brand names out there, which tools are the worthy contenders one should purchase.

To answer that question we need to take a serious look at a few things.

What does the Tool need to accomplish?
How often will the tool be used?
Which brand name do I buy?
How much should I spend?
Do I even need Tools?


What does the Tool need to accomplish?

What the tool needs to achieve will be any job or project you are about to embark on that you plan on doing. Whenever you decide to build or renovate anything, you’re going to need some tools. Whether these tools are new or old, makes no difference so long as they work. There are those that believe they need all brand new tools and the best of tools to build a house say. Most of you already know this is not true, you just need tools in good working order. So if we use building or renovating a house, what sort of tools do we need? Let’s break this question down shall we into groups.

Brand new tools
Borrowed tools
Rented tools
Used tools


Brand new tools


power tools for sale in boxes


power tools for sale new

Brand new tools always the best option, not always the practical one. Who doesn’t love brand new tools when you need to build or repair something. The reality of the situation depends on what your about to do the tools can cost more than your project. If we use the example of building or renovating a house, you could be talking thousands to tens of thousands of dollars which is money better spent on the home.

So as nice as it would be, all brand new tools is only for the wealthy which most of us are not. And truth be known, most wealthy people hire out all the work and may not even own any tools, and some of them that are into tools have a full collection that is new or like new. Having all brand new tools is off the table, but that doesn’t matter. When you buy quality tools, you’ll be able to have a full collection of what you want, composed of brand new and others that operate like new.

It is not unreasonable to have many of your tools new or like new and just keep updating your worn out tools over time. This way you’ll be ready for the projects you choose to do.

Borrowed tools

power tools for sale borrowed


Borrowing tools have always been something friends have been doing forever and will continue. This approach is one method that has worked in the past and will continue to work. If you’re doing a major renovation of your home, good chances are you do not have all the tools you need. Borrowing the extra tools you need saves you from purchasing them yourself so you can focus you budget on your renovation. Depending who your friends are, they may even have the time to help you with those renovations.

A good rule of thumb to do when it does come to improvements and tools. If you’re the type of person that likes working with tools and doing lots of projects. Then each time you do any reasonable size project, buy yourself, at least, one tool or accessories as part of the project. If you do this every time, you will be surprised at the collection of tools you’ll have ready for the next projects.

Rented tools


Now, what do you do when you or your friends do not have the tools required for the job, you rent! Some people would be thinking what tools would I have to rent that my friend or I may not have. Well unless your friend is a contractor or seriously loves collecting tools and even then you may still need to rent.

Let’s look at some examples:

Example 1:power tools for sale rented
You’re going to reshingle a shed or the roof on your home. You can use a hammer, which is not, too bad on a smaller shed but you may want to think twice about the entire house. You or your friend have the compressor and hoses but may need to rent the roofing gun.

Example 2:
How about doing some tile work. You may have a grinder and just need to purchase a diamond wheel for the grinder but do you own a cutter or have a wet saw if you require cutting stone for instance. Again this is where you could just simply rent a cutter or wet saw to get the job done.

Example 3:
What if you decided you needed to bend some aluminum in a brake to fix or replace some fascia. A brake is one of those tools that you’re going to want to rent unless your friend is a contractor that does exterior work on homes.

These are just a few examples, where some people may find the need to rent certain tools that just are not something you or your friends may have at home.

Used tools

power tools for sale used
This option is one that can easily be overlooked when purchasing tools that you may want. As great as it is to have brand new tools, never forget about the opportunity of having quality used tools. You can look at this in a few different ways. The first and most obvious is when you can not afford the higher cost of tools you buy it second at a lower price. You need a bunch of tools to get started and to buy them second hand will put them in your price range. How about there are certain tools you would like to own knowing your not going to use them very much, so you buy them second hand. You have the money for standard tools but want a better quality, so you purchase them second hand.

There are many reasons on why you could buy tools second hand. The trick is to acquisition them in the best operating condition as possible so you’ll have a good life expectancy from them when you go to use them.



Power tools for sale as we both know can come in a few different forms, and you need to acquire them in a manner that best suits your needs. I believe everybody should have some collection of home improvement hand tools whether you rent your home or own one. You never know when you may require to fix or adjust something, and for anybody looking to do any form of renovations, tools are a must have.

How Often Will The Tools Be Used

How often will the tools be used
is a consideration that will be different for each person according to what it is your doing and your abilities. Another thing to mention is the space you can store any tools you wish to own. As a contractor, I use my tools consistently where the average homeowner requires tools very seldom. Everybody is going to fit somewhere between using tools a little bit to there in my hands daily. Only you know where your tool usage will be.

Minimum Usage
Handy Around The Home
Taking On Projects
Full Out Personal Home Renovations

Minimum Usage


powerless hand tools
I feel there will always be a need for some tools regardless of who you are. A simple toolkit or case of different screwdrivers or interchangeable tips, hammer, wrenches, pliers and maybe even some sockets with a racket or two. A small kit such as this will take care of simple repairs or hanging things around the apartment or house.

Another great tool if you want to make things even easier is to have a drill kit that could be corded or cordless. Nowadays having the cordless is the way to go but if you hardly ever use one, the corded drill is cheaper and will never have a dead battery when you need it. Cordless tools are better if you use them on a regular basis or always to keep up with charging them.

Handy Around The Home

Anyone looking to be handy around the home should step there game up by having not only some of the basic hand tools available, but also have a few power tools around.

These tools could be corded or cordless and with the quality of tools today I would choose to have the cordless. To save money and have a better collection of gear for the money, I would buy a combo kit. By having a combo package, you get the same batteries to run each tool, without having too many batteries and not requiring different chargers to keep your tools ready for use.

Dewalt six piece tool kit

The primary cordless tools that I would want would be:
Circular Saw
Reciprocating Saw
and a Light

Nice to have cordless extras would be:
Impact Drill
Orbital sander
Small Wet Vacuum
Total of four Batteries

Taking On Projects

If You’re taking on projects, then all of the above. They could all be the cordless tools or corded, but I would have all the ones listed for handy around the home and add some more other than the nice to have.home improvement tool sets bostitch compressor kit

I would be looking at having the:
Finish Nailer and Compressor Kit
Radial Arm Saw
Table Saw
Belt sander

Having the radial arm saw and a table saw will only work if you have the space to store these larger tools, otherwise there just not practical to have.

Full Out Personal Home Renovations

Doing full out personal home renovations you may consider having a field day on the type and amount of tools you can buy and own. In a case like this instead of me saying what I would purchase, I’ll list the gear I believe you do not need to own and just go out and borrow them if you can or rent them instead.

A Brake for bending aluminum for fascia etc.dewalt table saw
Staging for working around the house
Large Tile Wet Saw
Cutter for tile work?
One of the Larger Generators?
Paint Sprayer?
Roofing Gun?
Framing Gun?
Large Compressor?
Chain Saw?
Hardwood Gun?
Guillotine Cutter for laminate etc.?

The tools with the question mark behind them could be tools that you feel are a must, depending on your circumstances for how much and what type of home improvement hand tools you need.

There are other tools that you could debate what may be necessary for what you feel you do or do not require, but this gives you an idea.


When it comes to running any form of business, the type and amount of equipment or gear you require will depend on the size and trades your company has employed. Some occupations require more tools than others, and how many employees you’ll have will also reflect on how much you’ll need.

When you’re doing a business as a contractor like myself, you pretty much know which home improvement hand tools and other equipment you need. It all boils down to what to purchase first, and then to add as you make further purchases on what you need and what you would like to have as extras.

Everybody usually has a list of nice to have but don’t need it.

To check out all the different brand name tools click the link!



  1. I am so glad you wrote this. I am a sucker for any tool but I don’t need them. at least not very often

    I have learned the trick of borrowing and renting. Great advise. When we did the tile floors we borrowed the wet saw. Saved a couple hundred dollars. Renting would not have worked because the project took a couple of weeks. When we finished we bought our friend a new blade and a gift card for dinner.

    When we had a tree to take down, I rented a chain saw, had it back in four hours.

    My only question. Do you have a favorite brand in home power tools. I don’t have any battery tools and may start to build that out. What do you think?

    Good work, Robert

    • At the time, I made my purchase for cordless power tools Dewalt had the best selection for using the same battery for the tools I required. Nowadays most name brands all have a nice selection of tools to use and purchase.

      When you can afford the absolute best I would purchase Festool. If cost is an issue which it is for most of us, I would go with Milwaukee. I’ve had my cordless Dewalt tools going on eleven years and there still going strong but when the time comes for newer tools again, this time, I will buy the Milwaukee line.

      Of course if by some chance I have the extra money, I would love to purchase all festool but for now I’m slowly upgrading newer tools for festool from my previous name brands.

  2. Interesting post, I learned a lot of things about this topic now 🙂
    I didn’t know you could buy used tools, though it would be quite obvious, if you can buy a lot of things second hand, why shouldn’t tools be one of them too?
    Anyway, I guess it would be a much better alternative because you could save a lot of money.
    I will recommend your site to a friend interested in these kind of power tools, I see you have a lot of interesting posts here 🙂

    • Hi Ashley and for some people they do prefer to buy some used tools as they can get better quality for the money than paying full price for tools they otherwise could not afford. In most cases people will buy their tools new, so they know the live expectancy is still there with no surprises.

      Every month there will be newly added posts giving a run down on different tools as there are many manufactures all looking to sell there products and I’ll keep posting what we use and why.

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