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How Often Will The Tools Be Used

How often will the tools be used
is a consideration that will be different for each person according to what it is your doing and your abilities. Another thing to mention is the space you can store any tools you wish to own. As a contractor, I use my tools consistently where the average homeowner requires tools very seldom. Everybody is going to fit somewhere between using tools a little bit to there in my hands daily. Only you know where your tool usage will be.

Minimum Usage
Handy Around The Home
Taking On Projects
Full Out Personal Home Renovations


Minimum Usage

powerless hand tools

I feel there will always be a need for some tools regardless of who you are. A simple toolkit or case of different screwdrivers or interchangeable tips, hammer, wrenches, pliers and maybe even some sockets with a racket or two. A small kit such as this will take care of simple repairs or hanging things around the apartment or house.

Another great tool if you want to make things even easier is to have a drill kit that could be corded or cordless. Nowadays having the cordless is the way to go but if you hardly ever use one, the corded drill is cheaper and will never have a dead battery when you need it. Cordless tools are better if you use them on a regular basis or always to keep up with charging them.


Handy Around The Home

Anyone looking to be handy around the home should step there game up by having not only some of the basic hand tools available, but also have a few power tools around.

These tools could be corded or cordless and with the quality of tools today I would choose to have the cordless. To save money and have a better collection of gear for the money, I would buy a combo kit. By having a combo package, you get the same batteries to run each tool, without having too many batteries and not requiring different chargers to keep your tools ready for use.

Dewalt six piece tool kit

The primary cordless tools that I would want would be:
Circular Saw
Reciprocating Saw
and a Light

Nice to have cordless extras would be:
Impact Drill
Orbital sander
Small Wet Vacuum
Total of four Batteries


Taking On Projects

If You’re taking on projects, then all of the above. They could all be the cordless tools or corded, but I would have all the ones listed for handy around the home and add some more other than the nice to have.home improvement tool sets bostitch compressor kit

I would be looking at having the:
Finish Nailer and Compressor Kit
Radial Arm Saw
Table Saw
Belt sander

Having the radial arm saw and a table saw will only work if you have the space to store these larger tools, otherwise there just not practical to have.


Full Out Personal Home Renovations

Doing full out personal home renovations you may consider having a field day on the type and amount of tools you can buy and own. In a case like this instead of me saying what I would purchase, I’ll list the gear I believe you do not need to own and just go out and borrow them if you can or rent them instead.

A Brake for bending aluminum for fascia etc.power tools for sale borrowed
Staging for working around the house
Large Tile Wet Saw
Cutter for tile work?
One of the Larger Generators?
Paint Sprayer?
Roofing Gun?
Framing Gun?
Large Compressor?
Chain Saw?
Hardwood Gun?
Guillotine Cutter for laminate etc.?

The tools with the question mark behind them could be tools that you feel are a must, depending on your circumstances for how much and what type of home improvement hand tools you need.

There are other tools that you could debate what may be necessary for what you feel you do or do not require, but this gives you an idea.



When it comes to running any form of business, the type and amount of equipment or gear you require will depend on the size and trades your company has employed. Some occupations require more tools than others, and how many employees you’ll have will also reflect on how much you’ll need.

When you’re doing a business as a contractor like myself, you pretty much know which home improvement hand tools and other equipment you need. It all boils down to what to purchase first, and then to add as you make further purchases on what you need and what you would like to have as extras.

Everybody usually has a list of nice to have but don’t need it.


To find out more about home improvement hand tools by specs
from the different brand names available, then check out

Power Tool Brand!




  1. Hey Travis, What an amazing site. I really think you have done a great job here and gone into a lot of detail. Good to see that you are following your passion as you are obviously a very handy man and know alot about your tools.

    Can’t say I can really give you much tips on improvement as you seem to have really covered alot of ground here. Only thing if anything is that I think you could really monetize alot more of your site by trafficking people to buy tools online through Amazon and Ebay which I didnt see any links too. Maybe if there I need to search more for or perhaps not clear enough. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Jade, and appreciate the comment, I have never placed many ads or links for really monitizing on any of my websites to date. My first concern is about getting the information out there and having a couple of main links or pages for things visitors may want to purchase. The individual tool reviews that will be getting posted on this site will have direct links to tools I’ll be talking about but for the general pages/posts they will just refer to the tool stores I have links to.

  2. Hey Travis, Great information about tools, funny thing is I don’t know much about tools I just pick up what I can find and go for it! My dad is also a handyman but he never taught me. Anyway I really like how you listed out the tools on what that job/project requires it makes it easy to understand. Keep it and if I ever remodel my home I’ll come back and check on your site for more information.

    • Well, this site will give you information about the tool side of things But on the home page you can link to my business site TD Remodeling and for the DIY segment my other site Home Renovation How To which will show you how to do your project.

      Between the three websites you’ll find plenty of information and there will be more added monthly.

  3. Very nice website!! I liked your pictures. Your content was very easy to read. You was very thorough with your information about tools and home improvement. I liked your pages with all the tool brand names. That was very thorough too. The only negative thing I have to say is I saw two spelling errors. Keep up the good work.

    • Sometimes, I will need to take time and find those two spelling errors and correct them.

      I do have the occasional glitch with my keyboard missing a letter that I may type in now and then and sometimes I just make a mistake with my spelling. I’ll see about tracking them down and fix them.

      Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Great article! I personally love tools and have a lot for a female. I love working on my home, and am quite good as a do-it-your selfer. One thing I don’t have is a sander. I keep postponing it, but I know that I will end up getting one soon. Beats using sand paper or sanding blocks any day. Any recommendations on what type of sander is best for all-around use? Something that I could use in the home on various projects. I have looked at the various ones at my local HD and just haven’t came to a decision on a particular type.

    • Travis Smithers

      For your very first sander, you may find a 5 1/2 inch orbital sander will be able to handle many different size projects around the home.

      To get into the smaller and trickier spaces and corners, having a specialty tool like a multi-tool has many changeable adapters that can have sanding pads attached to deal with areas the orbital or larger sanders are not capable of doing like corners among other places..

  5. Great website here. You have very good information and you have it layed out very well.

    I will agree and I do use my impact drill often around the house. Do you own all of these tools and where would be a good place to buy these items?

    Thank you I will be back soon for answers.

    • I own quite a few different tools, and this site has tools that I do not own as I’m also showing the same products by various brands. I have used a lot of them as I mention in the posts which ones I use, own or talk to other contractors about what they use.

      In my line of work I get to use and one a lot of different types of tools and I see and get to operate a lot more tools with other contractors. I use an affiliate link with Amazon as they tend to have the best prices on tools from online unless sometimes you can get lucky and catch a big tool sale at some store once and a while.

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